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We specialize in moves from the US to Canada

Your goods and family possessions will cross an international border, so there’s the paperwork that needs to be filled out and maybe a few more questions to ask about the items to be moved than for a move that is locally performed. Transportationly has helped thousands of families relocate to Canada, we can help you get through it with minimal protest. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure that you are informed as to what needs to be done, the timing, documentation and simple advice. If for example have things like hunting firearms, which ones will be okay to bring and which ones you will need to leave behind.

Our team of logistics expert, professional movers and modern fleet of speciality vehicles ensure we can move you, your family and even your business smoothly and stress-free.

Getting started on your move to Canada

Once you contact us, we will work with you to develop an accurate estimate of what’s going to be moved. We have an online calculator that can help speed up this process. Our experience working with families and businesses across North America enables us to quickly and accurately identify the number size and weight of the move.

Once we have done that, we can give you a price, and then start working on the documentation to make sure the cross-border portion of the move goes smoothly. On moving day you can expect our crew to show up on time and coordinate with you to make sure any last minute details are taken care of.

If you contracted us to help with the packing, we will get right on it. If you got everything already packed up and ready to go, we will start loading. Once loaded up, we will start heading towards the border crossing nearest to your new location in Canada.

Canada and the United States are both vast countries so your move may take a bit of time.  Just going from Seattle to Vancouver is an easy day trip, but if you’re going from Southern California to Northern Alberta or Florida to British Columbia, it can easily take two or three days driving time. You don’t have to worry about a thing, our trucks are modern, and in first rate repair, the drivers are among the best in the industry and have an impeccable record for safety and on-time delivery.


So you are headed to America the land of opportunity, congratulations. No matter if you are part of a corporate relocation, returning home after living in Canada or just heading out to try your luck at the American dream, getting you and your families possessions safely and smoothly across the border and to your new home in the USA is our number one priority.

Trans Canada Movers specialise in long-haul cross-border moves. We have the knowledge, equipment, contacts and personnel to make sure your cross-border move comes off without a hitch. When you hire Tans Canada Movers to take care of your move from Canada to the USA, you not only get all our logistics skills and quality professional moving personnel and equipment, but you get our twenty plus year track record of no hassle, On-time, on-budget cross-border moves.

Regulations you must comply with when moving to the USA

All shipments of household goods and personal effects entering the United States, whether the effects of a Returning U.S. Resident or Non-Residents entering the United States, must be entered utilising Department of Homeland Security and Border Protection form Number. 3299 (Declaration for Free Entry of Articles Not Accompanying a Resident or Non-Resident)

Also, a supplemental declaration providing additional information about contents of shipment is also required.

Although Form Number. 3299 is a straightforward form, it is the main document, which allows you to ship personal, household possessions into the US duty-free. If the document is completed incorrectly or is incomplete, there will be issues at the border.

Problems with household goods can be costly as the shipment may be turned back at the border or sent on to the destination “in bond”.

Once a shipment is marked to be put “in bond” at the destination, it may be unloaded into a bonded warehouse. Storage charges will be applied, and once the paperwork is sorted out, you will also have to pay for the reloading and delivery of the shipment to your new residence. This situation can easily be avoided with a little bit of attention to the paperwork.

Form No. 3299 should be filled in well in advance of the load date.  If you are going to the US on a visa such as the L1, H1 then that number should be noted on the Form No. 3299. Sometimes the visas are not issued until just before the move takes place. You should make a photocopy of this visa and attach it to the Form No. 3299.

What can I bring with me when moving to the USA

“Household Effects and Tools of Trade or Occupation” which you had initially taken out of the United States free of duty when you return if properly declared and entered. All furniture, carpets, paintings, tableware, linens, and similar household furnishings acquired abroad may be imported free of duty if it meets a few key conditions:

First off, the items cannot be imported for another person or sale.

Second, the items must have been used abroad (in Canada or a country other than the USA) by you for at least one year or were available for use in a household in which you were a resident member for one year.

Check with the US Customs if you are not sure

If you have specific questions concerning an Individual item, for example, a work of West Coast Native art that contains whalebone we recommend that you discuss these with the U.S. Consulate or border agents before your time of entry. Only an authorised US Government representative can give a definitive answer on how a unique item may be treated for purposes of duty or importation into the United States.



We realize not every move is the same.  As such, are fully equipped to handle any long distance move, whether you are moving a small apartment or large office.  Even if you have delicate items, such as pianos, clocks or antique furniture, we have the expertise you need from a reputable moving service.

If you need to store some, or all, of your belongings, we also offer short and long-term storage solutions, too.

The team at Move Me Again would love to speak to you about your upcoming long distance move.  Feel free to call us to discuss your needs and get your FREE quote – today!  There’s no obligation.


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